Finally in George!
SunFX Pro from Australia, the best 5-minute tanning system in the world.
With SunFX Pro – perfect tan without any risks.
With the touch of a button and in 100% natural way we can conjure up super sexy tan for you, as if from Hollywood, tan without any streaks and spots on your body (it is not a spray cabin for tanning).
It is performed with manually operated spraying of the sugar cane solution with the SunFX Pro Spray Tanning system – the best in the world.

SunFX Pro Spray Tanning is suitable for every type of skin and also brings satisfying results in the case of very light complexion which has never been brown. You can choose from 3 levels of tanning. You can, for example, tan only the face. We will gladly give you advice.

This is how the SunFX works best:

  • 1 day before treatment give your entire body peeling treatment (light)
  • do not apply body balsams, oils, cream, make-up, do not use deodorant or perfume
  • do not depilate your skin 8 hours before the treatment
  • please wear clothes suitable for the SunFX Pro treatment, e.g. bikini for women and dark shorts for men
  • immediately after the treatment you will have a tan, please do not shower at least for 5 hours after the treatment and avoid heavy sweating.
  • you should wear dark clothes without nylon. The tan keeps developing for the following 24h.

The result is a tan without any streaks, uniform, harmless to your health, beautiful, sexy and lasting for 5-8 days.
We are looking forward to your visit!