Sports and Performance

Even out the imbalances between particular muscle groups which develop, for example, in the case of golf/tennis-players.

The imbalance between particular muscle groups develops especially as a result of the fact that both left handed people and right handed people always strain only one side of the body. It is especially visible with players who play such sports as tennis or golf, because during their training only one side of the body is being exercised, while the other one remains completely passive.

Especially while playing golf, when you hit the ball you need to use quite a lot of force. Athletes who have played such sports disciplines for many years should particularly for that reason think about improving the balance of development and the efficiency of muscles on both sides of the body.

One-sided strain on the body, which occurs while hitting a golf ball, often causes back pains and problems related to functioning of joints, such as:  functioning abnormalities of shoulder joints, elbow joints, radio-carpal joints and the spine.

Such one-sided strain can be easily evened out during training designed especially for golf-players.


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