Specifically directed fat burning

Specifically directed and natural fat reduction with long-lasting effect.

After 10 treatments, in 3 weeks you will achieve fantastic results and you will continue to reduce fat tissue for about another 6 months.


New and exceptional in George!
A truly unique and the most effective non-surgical method to permanently and in a specifically directed way reduce fat tissue in problematic areas.
Effective LipowIRA treatment
1. Ten 30-minute treatments using patented wIRa lamps.
2. The treatment includes specifically directed and tailored fitness program with simultaneous irradiation.
3. The treatments are distinctly optimised through the effectively adjusted dietary program.
4. During the treatment the body is programmed so that the fat which is located in the irradiated problematic areas is used as energy.
5. Using the LipowIRA treatment is stress-free and easy.

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How it works

The inventor and the person who developed this sensational method is an active scientist, a biologist specialising in sports – Gunther Schmitt. This method – which allows to reduce fat tissue in an entirely directed way, and the results are similar to surgical sucking out of fat – it is called the “BioSuction” type. It must be noted here that the fat can essentially only be decomposed in the metabolism process (burnt), but it cannot be allegedly dissolved or excreted in any way by any system. The only condition is to include some physical activity along with a facilitating diet in order to be able to lose weight at all. The objective is to warm up the fat that we want to get rid of, however, it is very important not to warm up the surface of the skin. Through physiological stimulation of the hypothalamus, in order to permanently reduce the insulation layer in the irradiated areas of the body, the fat is reduced in the irradiated areas not only during the 10 treatments, but also during the following few months. We achieve that thanks to treatments using the patented Hydrosun lamp.
This unique device for performing the therapy emits a special deeply penetrating spectrum of the sunlight – infrared light filtered through water (wIRA). Additionally, this treatment can visibly improve the appearance of the skin despite the thinning process.

Now you can decide not only that you will get thinner, but also you can decide in which areas it will happen. Objectively speaking, Lipowira is unique.
The nature of effects while using the INFRAROT systems Prof.G.K.Brueck, M.Sc. The man as a species has been determined by evolution for thousands of years. One must consider that some centuries in the man’s history did not play a major role and did not have any influence on this development. Similarly, the last 50 years, which were characterised by the surplus of the amount of food in industrial countries, were not a stimulus for a change in the physiological processes in any way. Therefore, today the system of our body still behaves exactly in the same way as it did when the man to a large extent could only depend on his environment and as a hunter provided a living for his family. During those ancient times of the human race the behaviour of our body developed and this is how it functions today. Careful management of the available energy has always played an important role in staying alive. The surplus of abundant food was converted into fat because during this process the energy content will reach only 40% of the amount which is necessary to convert it into carbohydrates or simple protein. Apart from that, the fat accumulated under the skin (subcutaneous) functions as an insulation layer against low temperatures outside. Thanks to this thermal insulation further energy saving is possible, because the body uses less resources for regulating temperature. In order to make it possible for men to hunt also with high fat reserves in the body, it was – as the result of evolution – accumulated in such a way that it did not constrain the movement while running fast. This resulted in the men’s fat tissue being located mostly above the waist, whereas the women’s fat tissue is accumulated mostly in the area of the thighs and stomach in order to protect the embryo. In autumn when the temperature outside was dropping the insulation layers, that is fat cells located under the skin, grew more efficiently than in the summer. At the same time, this was supposed to constitute a reserve for the winter time which was poor in food. When the temperature rose again the body reacted to these circumstances by using the fat reserves as an energy source. By reducing the insulation layer, that is the subcutaneous fat layer, the body also regulated the danger of hypothermia = overheating.

Hypothalamus regulating body temperature
All those processes were and still are controlled by the hypothalamus (diencephalon). This is where internal information is collected and it triggers the secretion of neurotransmitter substances. Those substances regulate body temperature, tempo of metabolism and also influence other processes, for example, secretion of endorphin etc. Stimulation of the adrenal cortex by the neurotransmitter substances regulates excretion of water, regulates the amount and pressure of blood, as well as regulates converting proteins and fat into glucose, which results in the increase of sugar level in blood. These processes are primary functions of the hypothalamus. Food became much richer in energy and especially in fat, particularly during the last 50 years. Because only a small amount of triglycerides = fat in the body is synthesised from carbohydrates, the body directly accumulates the received fat in different amounts. This might also include numerous waste substances, if other organs cannot cope with them. Since along with the increase in the amount of food rich in fats the amount of exercise decreased together with the demand for energy, and the hypothalamus still functions in accordance with the program developed in the evolution process, the surplus of energy reserves of the man immersed in the modern environment in most cases leads to overweight. It also concerns other functions for retaining energy, which are utilised only in a limited scope, because people now regulate temperature by suitable clothes and heating rooms. The problem of overweight is approached with many good pieces of advice. From partly reasonable diets to senseless magic rituals, the offer includes anything that generates profit for companies regardless of doubtful effectiveness. For young people, one or another diet can prove effective since their metabolism is significantly faster and thanks to higher cell regeneration much more energy is used. As we get older this becomes more difficult and pointless. Therefore, people reach for drastic solutions, and even subject to the process of fat suction to get rid of the problem. We must also consider that the nature of some processes is only to reduce weight by precipitating water from tissues. This can be achieved by using diuretics or by diet and physical activity. This can only receive an entirely positive opinion, but can be used only as an additional action since such an undertakings are reversible and do not last long. In any case this method alone is not a serious method to really lose weight.

The only real fat reduction that allows to lose weight with a long-lasting effect
It was proved that the INFRAROT system really works. Furthermore, it is completely harmless and does not have any negative side effects.

The essential assumption of INFRAROT is the fact that in order to reactivate the functions of the hypothalamus it is used to stimulate local fat reduction. Irradiation with infrared light causes the fat under the skin to heat. Because of this the hypothalamus receives an alarm signal. High temperature is a significant threat for the organism, because hypothermia (overheating) can be dangerous for life if it is sustained for a longer time. According to the ancient program the hypothalamus interprets high temperature under the skin as too strong insulating effect of the excessively thick fat layer. Thanks to IR (infrared light) the hypothalamus receives a false picture of the situation, which in reality is not possible to achieve to such an extreme extent. Therefore, the alarm message caused by detection of a threat for the organism is treated by the hypothalamus with priority and a quick reaction takes place. All the energy necessary for the functioning of the body will now not be taken from the reserves of glucose, but from the areas where, according to the hypothalamus, the thickness of the fat layer “threatens life”, that is, where the fat layer was heated. The fat is reduced immediately exactly in that area and it is used as energy. Since the hypothalamus programmed in the process of evolution did not “learn” quick changes in regulating temperature, in order to react to the alleged burning threat, reduction of fat is quickly stimulated but it will not be finished spontaneously. Therefore, reduction of fat is sustained also while the temperature of the fat tissue returns back to its previous state. The time period during which it is the fat not the glucose that will be used as the source of energy, will last for long hours after turning off the infrared light. However, due to more frequent heating of the fat tissue above the normal temperature, the hypothalamus will recognise this problem as chronic and each time it will prolong the time of fat reduction. Depending on the fitness and form of the body, this stage after numerous heating of the fat tissue can last for weeks and even months. However, in order to stimulate increased energy usage at all, a muscle workout must be started, otherwise reduction of fat will not start. In order not to cause any negative effects only a light aerobic training is required by the system. As a result of that you can be sure that any build-up of lactic acid will not occur because of oxygen shortage. Since it is only the fat that is converted into energy while the hypothalamus program is activated, we can observe different phenomena. The sugar level does not drop, which is usually the case while exercising. On the contrary, it slightly grows as a result of fat reduction. Thanks to this you do not experience tiredness resulting from the lack of sugar in the organism, but rather evident well-being. It is also supported by the fact that if the hypothalamus notices the threat in the form of hypothermia, it starts the process of secreting endorphins, which causes the feeling of bliss (Wellness).
The functionality of the INFRAROT system, the fact that those processes are conducted correctly is easy to read from the treatment results. Despite the fact that during an approximately 30 to 40-minute muscle workout only about 100-200 kcal is used – which corresponds to only 15gr of fat – much more fat is actually reduced than the amount of workout suggests. Therefore, it was proved that also long after this relatively short muscle workout the reduction of fat is sustained. It is not the short-term, enhanced blood circulation resulting from infrared light (IR), neither is it the usage of energy during treatment which provide the final effect, they only support it. Reduction of fat is achieved only through conditioning of the hypothalamus, however, this process is much faster due to the positive influence of infrared light (IR) and the improved blood circulation. The program of converting fat into energy must start during the treatment, and then be increased and prolonged by frequent conditioning during subsequent treatments so that the stimulation of the hypothalamus lasts for a long time. Through irradiation with infrared light (IR) specifically in problematic areas, the program of the hypothalamus adopts itself precisely to the specified area. This process also becomes clear through experiments. Since the body reacts to the stimulus with minimal expenditure of energy, the hypothalamus concentrates on fat reduction only in those places which it recognises as “dangerous” local heating. This leads to the unwanted fat layers being reduced where we wish it to be reduced. During this process it is generally not about a system for losing weight but it is about a very specific system facilitating shaping of the figure. IT additionally increases well-being. The accompanying treatments at the LipowIRA Studio are directed at removing the surplus of water from tissues as well as the waste material accumulated after the treatment of fat reduction using the IR lamp, for example by strength workout using weights or even more effective training of the entire body. EMS (muscle electrostimulation) allows to shape the entire body musculature, it tones up the skin, and it increases blood circulation, through which it facilitates all biological processes, which constitutes an effective method against local fat accumulation.
(thanks to the kindness of) Prof. M. Sc. Gernot.K.Brück

Irradiation with A-infrared light facilitates fat burning with overweight people.

The scientists Frank Möckel, Gerd Hoffmann, Roy Obermüller, Wolfgang Drobnik and Gerd Schmitz tested whether specific irradiation with infrared light brings fat reducing effects. To this effect, 40 overweight women with BMI between 30 and 40, whose average age was 35.5 years old, were subjected to the process of irradiating with infrared light filtered through water. This process was accompanied with simultaneous training on a home training device. Two groups were created. Women in both groups trained on their home training devices (a stationary bike) for 45 minutes three times a week for 4weeks. One of the groups was additionally subjected to treatment with infrared light filtered through water (the experiment group). The waist, hips and thighs were irradiated. The dependent measure was the sum of waist, hips and both thighs sizes, as well as the weight. The results provided a clear picture of the situation. The sum of sizes was reduced much more significantly in the group of women who were subjected to the irradiation, that is by 8 cm compared to the women who trained only using their home training devices and were not subjected to the process of irradiation and who displayed reduction by 1.8 cm. Body weight changed accordingly. The women from the experiment group reduced their weight by 1.9 kg. The women from the control group did not display any change in weight. Möckel and others, relying on the results from this experiment, concluded that irradiating with infrared light combined with moderate training on a home training device displays body weight reducing properties. They explain that the irradiation stimulates local metabolism in tissues and raises the level of lipolysis. Due to the increased level of lipolysis in the fat tissue, the fat are stimulated and burnt during exercise on the home training device. The test results point to the possibility of optimisation of physical activity that are to facilitate treatment against overweight and also show that moderate physical activity often does not allow to achieve the expected results.