Slim legs and buttocks
without cellulite!

  • Removes cellulite
  • Clothes smaller by one size in 2 weeks
  • Reduces unwanted centimeters in problematic areas – Discreet (single cabin)
  • Noticeable and measurable results already after 10 treatments

Vacu trainer: Fat reserves in problematic areas will not disappear through an intensive workout or thanks to drastic diets. A lot of those who often tried it still notice that they lose kilograms more in the facial area or chest area than in the area of the buttocks, the stomach or legs. After finishing a strict hunger diet, which was accompanied by an intensive training program, the unwanted yo-yo effect repeatedly appears. The unwanted fat reserves disappear only in the body areas well supplied with blood. The better the blood supply is, the easier the fat can be reduced. The parts of the body which are poorly supplied with blood become problematic areas. It can be checked thanks to a 30-minute training unit. Particular parts of the body are warm, but problematic places remain cool.

Question: And Vacu bodyshape could really be the solution for this problem?
Vacu trainer: My wife and I can only say one thing: Yes! The Vacu bodyshape therapy is based on proven treatment and training methods and it is very precise. Body parts such as the stomach, buttocks and legs are especially well supplied with blood during training. The Vacu bodyshape process is similar to the therapy of cupping. Specific areas are stimulated with underpressure and thanks to light training on a treadmill the fat metabolism process is activated. This combination influences tissues, where fat that is difficult to reduce lies. The unnecessary fat is dissolved and transported.

Question: So, the size in problematic areas is reduced? Have you experienced it yourself?
Vacu trainer: Of course! Poisoning toxins are dissolved in the stimulated connective tissue. After that you need to drink a lot – minimum two litres – so that they can be washed out. The size and cellulite are reduced, the skin becomes prettier and more well-toned. From my experience collected in the last 14 years I know that my clients could achieve good results in 2-6 weeks: they managed to reduce their waist size by 4cm, their stomach and hips by 5 cm, and the size of each thigh by 3.5cm.

Question: And all that without a hunger diet?
Vacu trainer: The hunger diet is not necessary. Of course, changing dietary habits during the Vacu bodyshape therapy is recommended. Your diet should include balanced products: a lot of vegetables, salads and fruit, in order to provide the body with vitamins, fibre and minerals. In order not to stop the fat reduction process by eating food rich in carbohydrates such as products made of white flower or sweets, the preferred food is white meat, fish, seafood or dishes made of eggs. You mustn’t forget about hydrating the organism, so, drink the minimum of 2 litres of water.